Our P&P Manuals Can Be a Guide to Your Success and Stability

Jul 16, 2019 2:58:57 PM / by ACHC

Arriving at a desired quality threshold can require a guiding hand. Everyone needs guidance or assistance from time to time, which is where we at Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) come in.

At ACHC, we understand that establishing excellence—and staying there—is every pharmacy’s goal. For those pharmacies taking that elevated-quality path with us, we’ve crafted the Policy & Procedures Manual, just one of our offerings from our education division, ACHCU. (And let’s go ahead and make that a plural “manuals,” since our texts serve Specialty and Infusion pharmacy services, as well as Sleep and DMEPOS.)

Not only do these manuals help prepare a pharmacy for accreditation, they also provide valuable, clear, and proven guidelines for maintaining those valued, high-quality standards after compliance is achieved.

The P&P manuals are created specifically for your organization. After purchase, ACHCU will have you complete a form to help us craft a manual for your organization. You will receive both a Word document and a PDF manual. This will allow you to fine-tune the manual to precisely match your organization.

NOTE: Our P&P pharmacy manuals are designed for one program and one location. Feel Free to ask ACHCU about pricing for more than one location or program.

We believe in Education to Empower You. To find out more about our P&P manuals, visit or email us at or call (919) 785-1214.

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Written by ACHC

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