Maintaining Survey Readiness

Jan 23, 2014 4:50:49 PM / by ACHC

ACHC Survey Readiness

As we embark into  2014, many of us set New Year’s Resolutions only to break our well-intentioned goals and ideals a few short weeks or months later as the daily hustle and bustle of life and work resumes. One New Year’s Resolution that should be established and kept is maintaining survey readiness. We know that we should always be “survey ready” but maintaining that on a daily basis becomes difficult as more pressing issues arise.

A few key points in maintaining survey readiness are:

  • Ensure you have the most current ACHC Standards for Accreditation and your policy and procedure manuals are consistent with ACHC Standards as well as any additional federal and/or local regulations.
  • Stay current with the monthly Did You Know publications sent by ACHC.
  • Audit medical and personnel records on a continuous basis to identify issues of non-compliance early and develop an internal Plan of Correction for any issues of non-compliance found.
  • Access ACHC’s Customer Central portal frequently for the latest information and resources to assist you in maintaining survey readiness.

ACHC has created tools to assist you with this endeavor. These tools coincide with key time frames; at 6, 12, and 24 months post-survey as well as 6 months prior to renewal.

For example, some annual requirements including program evaluation, staff education, and personnel evaluations are often overlooked or not completed on time. The tools ACHC has created provide you with checklists to help you to stay on track in between surveys. ACHC conducts surveys every three years, but as we know, random, unannounced surveys by any regulatory body could happen at any time and staying current is the key to a successful survey outcome.

Download the Continued Compliance documents by logging into your Customer Central Account and navigate to ‘After Accreditation’ -> ‘Continued Compliance’.

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Lisa MeadowsAbout the Author: Lisa Meadows

As Clinical Compliance Educator for Home Health, Hospice and Private Duty, Lisa brings over 20 years of medical social work experience to the classroom, including acute care hospitalization and home and hospice health care.  Previously an ACHC Hospice Surveyor, Lisa currently travels across the U.S. as a Presenter and an Educator, speaking on accreditation and other relevant health care topics.

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