Effects of the Federal Government Shutdown

Oct 8, 2013 2:30:59 PM / by ACHC

With the collective eyes of the nation focused on the federal government during this shutdown, ACHC wants to reassure our customers that this does not delay scheduling of on-site surveys, awarding non-deemed accreditation, or submitting our findings and recommendations for deemed status to the CMS Regional Offices. Agencies with deemed status who are due for renewal during the shutdown will not be affected; those facilities with a CCN are still able to bill Medicare.

The shutdown has resulted in many CMS Regional Office (RO) employees being furloughed; these employees are the ones who determine whether or not to accept our recommendation of surveyed organizations into the Medicare program. Applications will be processed when the government reopens, but it should be anticipated that the time to complete these may vary by region depending on staffing and workloads, and that Medicare reimbursements may be delayed.

It should be noted that State licensure functions and enforcement activities are not constrained by the federal government shutdown.

Click here to read the following memo from CMS that provides detailed information on survey and certification activities during the government shutdown.  As always, your ACHC Accreditation Advisor is available to answer all of your questions. Call (855) YES-ACHC [937-2242].

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