ACHC Updated Standards Now Available

Apr 20, 2011 9:58:44 AM / by ACHC

ACHC values the partnership that we have with you in ensuring quality care and services are provided. ACHC standards have always been industry and service specific, but will now be customized to your organization.

ACHC is pleased to announce the release of our updated ACHC Accreditation Standards.

Significance of Changes
• Customer satisfaction: standards will be tailored to the services that the organization provides
• Simplification of standards
• Reduction in duplicate standards
• Uniformity of standards across all programs and services

Overview of Changes to Standards
• All Programs
- New numbering
- Rewording of some standards to promote clarity and conciseness
- Elimination of scopes
- All Standards reside in seven sections
- Organizations will download only those standards for the programs/services that they provide

Overview of Changes to Specific Programs
• Home Health
- A few new standards were added that clarify the CoPs
- Language reflects regulatory terminology
• Hospice
- A few new standards were added that clarify the CoPs
- Specifics added to Life Safety Code standards
- Preamble for Hospice Services was created which describes: eligibility, election and duration of benefits
• DME/Pharmacy
- Standards include the updated Medicare DMEPOS Supplier standards (that were effective 9/9/2010)

Rapid Implementation
• It is necessary to receive multiple layers of approval when standards are updated, these approvals were delayed, thus pushing back our release date
• Release date: April 18, 2011
• Effective Date: May 18, 2011

Important Distinction
• Standards that are restated or added all reflect current regulatory requirements; therefore, all organizations should already be in compliance
• Providers do not need additional time to prepare because the intent of the standards still reflects the intent of Medicare regulations. Standards have been added or restated for clarity and inclusiveness

• In May, there will be a video presentation for you to watch that will describe the changes
• Please watch Customer Central for detailsUtilize the following link to obtain the new ACHC Standards for Accreditation:

Please contact your Account Manager at (919) 785-1214 if you have any questions or need assistance with your login information

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